Trading with DeFi Sites

Trading coin on DeFi sites is fun and entertaining and the main way we make our coin available to the world. First, in order to do so, you need a wallet, and then you’ll need to follow a short list of instructions listed below. Have fun!

Get a wallet that works with this coin below and read this setup link 

  1. Get Trust Wallet or Metamask (recommended).
  2. Buy some BUSD coin to trade with through the wallet.
  3. Go to: Pancakeswap exchange.
  4. Click “Connect Wallet” button and select wallet type.
  5. Click on the “from” coin icon and select BUSD from the list.
  6. Enter the amount of BUSD you want to spend.
  7. Click on the “to” coin icon and enter the below address into the search bar: 0x195D7dD28bece9A614D4f6B4e583A024510C9f2f
  8. Wait until the DAL coin loads.
  9. Click Swap!
  10. Approve swap in browser wallet.
  11. HODL (Hold onto coin!)


  • Although a little more advanced to setup, we recommend Metamask wallet for trading on pancakeswap.
  • When you import ID 0x195d7dd28bece9a614d4f6b4e583a024510c9f2f to see DAL it may take up to 10 seconds or more to load. You will need to wait until it loads before proceeding.
  • BUSD is the coin we use to trade for DAL and must be selected as no other trade pairs currently exist at the moment.
  • BUSD can be purchased with a credit card through the wallet apps or another exchange like and sent to your metamask wallet.
  • In order to see DAL in your wallet, you need to import the coin using the add token option and importing the ID: 0x195d7dd28bece9a614d4f6b4e583a024510c9f2f
  • If you are receiving transfer failure notices, then you will need to up the slippage percentage to 2%-5%.


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